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Visiting Mazatlan



Each year, people travel thousands of miles to Mazatlan to enjoy the beaches of Mazatlan.  To get the most enjoyment from your vacation in Mazatlan, here are a few simple tips.


Things To Do In Mazatlan -


Travel and Weather:  If you live in the Northern States (Minnesota, Wisconsin) or Canada, your travel times will probably be a reaction to your own winter weather.  Just remember to check the weather in Mexico.  In January, it may be 10°F degrees at home, and Mazatlan may be 60° with cool ocean breezes making it feel cooler.  Knowing the weather in Mazatlan will help you pack and plan activities.  You will need long sleeved shirts, and a sweater or jacket to keep warm at night in December.  In August, it's hot, humid and raining.  Plan on being out of doors only in the morning or at night.  In August, it may be 90° in Mazatlan with humidity in the 90's as well. A good place to start checking Mazatlan weather is http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/climatology/monthly/MXSA0084.








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