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Website Design Services

Web Designs of Mexico (WDM) offers a full range of web design, ecommerce and database driven solutions.  From simple and reasonably priced design packages to fully tested, cross browser creations written in the appropriate coding language, Web Designs of Mexico will deliver websites that get noticed and work flawlessly.

Website Design With over 10 years experience, we can deliver a top web design for your business on time and within your budget.  We offer an All Inclusive Package.  When you ask "what else will I pay", the answer is "nothing". 

Photography The difference between an average website and a professional web design is usually the photography.  For our customers in Mazatlan, we offer photographic services as part of our design.  Please see our photography pages.   WDM also offers photographic services in Mazatlan not related to websites.  If you have a wedding, quincenera or other special event, please let us know your needs.  We will give you a price or quotation for our photographic services. 

Search Engine Registration and Optimization – Would you build a beautiful billboard and put it on a road nobody traveled?  We start every web design with an audience….your audience…..in mind.  After most websites are built, it takes months for visitors to be able to find you on a search engine.  Most people don’t realize that if you are not in the search engine databases, your website will not show up even if the searcher knows your company name. At Web Designs of Mexico we build even the most basic website to be “search engine friendly”.  Every website we design is registered with Google. 

Graphic design – The artwork of your website does not have to fancy, but it does have to look good.  We know how to combine colors and shapes to make your web pages pleasing to the eye….especially your eye.  Don’t take our word for it.  Please see our sample websites.  At Web Designs of Mexico, our work speaks for itself.

Copywriting – Our full time copywriter is a graduate of the University of Washington with a B.A. in English Literature.  He has over 15 years experience writing copy in the advertising industry.  It does not matter what product or service you offer.   Your message needs to be written clearly.  Words need to be spelled correctly.  Sentences need to be crafted with good grammar, punctuation and syntax.  If your message is written with sloppy language, it reflects on you.  Let Web Designs of Mexico design your web pages.  We guarantee your message will be well-written.  

Shopping Carts and Ecommerce – Doing business on the internet has never been easier, or more affordable.  Web Designs of Mexico will customize a shopping cart to fit your inventory.  Whether you have 5 items for sale or 50,000 different catalog entries in a secured database, our design engineers and database experts will recommend the most cost effective solutions that meet your needs.   

Domain Name Registration and Hosting – You need to purchase your URL.  This is your “web name”, the www.yourwebsite.com address that identifies your website all over the world.  Your website needs to be on a server computer.  This is called “hosting”.  If you need to make changes (a new address, additional products or services) someone has to change your website.  Web Designs of Mexico can secure your name, as well as provide hosting and maintenance services.  If you purchase our all inclusive package, these services are included with your website design. 

Email Setup – After you have your domain, you will want domain email.  Instead of paul@hotmail.com, your address becomes paul@webdesignsofmexico.com.  It has more prestige.  Domain email says you are a real businessperson.  As part of our All Inclusive Package, we set up your domain email.   


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