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OPCs of Mazatlan

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OPCs, or Outside Personal Contacts, are the aggressive salespeople you meet whenever you go out in Mazatlan.  They are in the airports, the restaurants, they are on the beach and on the streets.  Their job is deliver tourists to the resorts, and have them attend a time share presentation.  Some people say they ruin vacations and are a blight on Mazatlan.  Others point out that OPCs are a vital part of the economy.  Love them or hate them, they are some of the most colorful people in Mazatlan. 




Many tourists know all about OPCs.  If you don't know the game, you should.  OPCs are licensed, and held to a much higher standard than the resorts they work for.  When your OPC promises you a gift or cash to attend a tour, it is documented multiple times.  When they ask you for a deposit, your deposit is safe.  It's a fraction of what they will actually make, so they will make every effort to make certain your tour happens.  The OPCs usually work for one resort, and have a quota.  OPCs usually speak better English than any other Mexicans.  A few speak English as their native language.  They know everything a tourist will want, and can usually help you save money.  They have discount coupons for tours and restaurants.  If you are looking for a special party, they can hook you up.  If you'd like the services of a local who knows the area for a guided tour of the real Mexico, many have cars.  You can book them for two hours, a day or your entire vacation and get to know the real Mexico.  

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