At The Hotel Lerma


You get a lot for $150 pesos a day.  The Hotel Lerma has the attitude of a 4 Star Hotel.  This is why you’ll find nothing but good reviews online, with ratings that rival hotels costing 20 times a night what you’ll pay at the Hotel Lerma.  But the hospitality, the attitude towards great service is only the beginning.


Parking Lot – If you are driving, the first thing you’ll appreciate is the huge courtyard with lots of free parking.  It’s a secure feeling to leave your car behind locked gates and off the street at night.  Even if you're not driving, the open spaces of the courtyard gives a great feeling. 





The Safe – When you check in, you are offered the opportunity to put your valuables in their safe.  It’s the best place for your passport, excess money, cameras or jewelry.


Security – Carlos is around most days.  In the evening, the night manager comes on.  At 10PM, the gates are locked.  The night manager will let you in or out.  Someone is always at the front desk to assist you.  Mazatlan, Mexico is very safe.  Even so, it's nice to


Maid Service – Crisp, clean sheets, clean towels, soap and toilet paper are provided daily.  The maid will straighten up.  It’s a great service.  Most people tip $10 pesos a day for a service that goes above expectations.         


Laundry --  If you don’t have a huge sack of dirty laundry to take the lavendria (professional laundry), but need your favorite pair of socks or one good shirt or blouse cleaned, leave them out for the maid.  She’ll make sure they are hand cleaned, air dried and neatly folded for you.  Again, it’s always nice to tip a little ($5 pesos, or about 60˘ American) to show your appreciation.


Clean drinking water – The public water system is clean enough, but even most residents prefer drinking filtered water.  Carlos provides all the fresh drinking water you need. 


Vending machines and the refrigerator – Got the munchies?  Can’t sleep without a cold drink?  The Hotel Lerma has a well-stocked vending machine, and a small fridge in the office filled with cold sodas and water.