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Web Designs of Mexico is a full service website company, and can host* your completed website.  Most websites can operate on a shared server, which reduces costs.  Web Designs of Mexico offers a hosting package through their shared server that includes domain name research and registration, uploading your completed website to the host computer, and maintenance of the web pages.  (Like everything associated with computers, sometimes websites "break" and need to be repaired.)  Our hosting plans also include text changes and simple photo swaps to keep your website up to date.  (If you change your phone number or paint your building, you will want your website to reflect the changes.)  Of course, if you want to host your website yourself and just have us design the pages, that's OK.  Most businesses want a comprehensive package to keep costs low. 


  *Definition of hosting:  Your website needs to be identified by a domain name, like www.WebDesignsOfMexico.com.  After registration, this name is identified with a server, which is a computer or bank of computers the internet knows how to find.  When someone requests information from your website, the internet knows to find your pages through the host computer. 



Home  .  Services  .  Prices  .  Clients  .  Photography  .  Site Map  .  Contact Us 




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