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Are you looking for employment?  We have the following jobs currently available.   


Sales - There is no limit to the money you can make.  Best of all, you can keep your current employment and start part-time.  Work your own hours and at your own pace.  Your commissions are based on how much involvement you have.  There are just a few requirements.

  • Honesty - You have to be completely honest. 

  • Bilingual - You must speak some English.

  • Technology - We sell a "high tech" service.  You must have a working computer with an email address you check a minimum of twice daily, as well as a cell phone.

  • Be willing to call on businesses -  You will go "door to door".  (Unless you already know many business owners.)  We will go with you for the first few days, so you can learn what to say.

No Experience Necessary - We will train you.

Please email us with your resume and the reasons why you think this job might be right for you. 

Graphic Design - Do you know how to make a website?  We need contract designers who are familiar with HTML, Flash animation and can create unusual artwork in Photoshop.  Work at your own home.  We hire on a "per job" basis.  Please see examples of our work on our Clients pages.  We are looking for artists who produce better work than we have already done.  These are the programs you will need.

  • Photoshop - It's the basis for all graphic art on the internet.  There are other graphic design programs, but Photoshop is our standard.

  • Flash - Adobe or Macromedia, any version.  All businesses want some movement on their pages. 

  • HTML Editor - Your choice, whether it is Dreamweaver, Expressions, Adobe Creative Suite or even FrontPage, but you probably will use a WYSIWYG Editor.

Interested?  Please email us with examples of your work.   We normally charge $13,000 pesos per website.  Please give us some idea of what you hope to be paid. 

Database Engineers, Ecommerce Experts - We occasionally have demand for database engineers and designers experienced with shopping carts.  Please email us with examples of your work, and give us some idea of what you would like to be paid.


Home  .  Services  .  Prices  .  Clients  .  Photography  .  Site Map  .  Contact Us

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