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When you want a shopping cart added to your website to begin making ecommerce money with an online store, Web Designs of Mexico can help.  We can either add a shopping cart to your existing website, or create a website that fits your needs.  We are businesses people.  We can show you the numbers.  Does ecommerce make sense for you?  We'll help you decide. 


With a "Brick and Mortar" storefront, you need to rent an expensive space in a high traffic area, buy inventory, pay salespeople, insurance, high taxes, air conditioning, electric bills, phone costs and more.  An online store is always open.  There are no salespeople.  "Rent" is just the small cost of server space.  Your inventory is whatever you want it to be.  Your customers are not limited just to the people close to your store. You can sell to people all over the world.  


All Ecommerce Site prices are by quotation.


Not all shopping carts are the same.  Some are very simple and very inexpensive.  As your needs grow larger, the shopping cart programs grow in complexity....and price.


Small Store - Only have a few items to sell?  You'll be surprised how affordable opening up an Online Store can be. Web Designs of Mexico can get you started for less than the cost of a used cash register.  Your package comes complete with website, online shopping cart, charge card account, payment processing, and ecommerce hosting.  See Prices for more information.  


Database Driven Ecommerce - If you have an inventory of more than 50 items, or need to have your website reflect your precise inventory, you may want your shopping cart connected to your database.  Database driven websites often use Dynamic Web Pages, a fancy term that means your website changes automatically when your inventory changes.  For example, if you decide to raise your price from $100 to $120 on an item, or raise all your prices by 10%, simply change your database and the web pages will instantly change.  This is how hotels and resorts book online.  The database is kept on a secure computer.  Your website shows the information.  If someone purchases, the inventory is automatically changed.  Is this expensive?  Compared to the cost of a regular website, of course.  However, if you compare the cost of a website to the cost of maintaining a trained staff answering phones 24 hours a day, it's a smart investment.  Contact us for more information.


Wondering how to start an online store?  Ask yourself a few questions.

  • How comfortable are you with computer technology?

  • What ecommerce websites do you like or admire?

  • Is anyone else selling what you are selling?  If yes, why would someone buy from you and not your competition?

  • How knowledgeable are you about credit card processing?


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