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Clients in the United States



Web Designs of Mexico began as  Seattle Web Wizards in Seattle, Washington.  These websites were all originally built by the core designers of WDM.    


Seattle Team Real Estate was the website for married real estate partners.  Their goals were ambitious; to have one of the top ranked website in the Greater Seattle Area.  They succeeded.  The couple were ranked on the first page of Google for all the major real estate search terms.  The website featured several hundred pages of content, drop down navigation and database connectivity to every property listed with the Multiple Listing Service.  When clients found a property they were interested in, they contacted the agents through a form.   The website generated over $100,000,000 in gross sales and $2,650,000 in commissions over a four year period.    
Goldberg and Jones is one of the top law firms in Washington State.  Goldberg and Jones only represents men in divorce proceedings and child custody cases.  They had two goals for their website. The first was a dignified website with soothing colors and comfortable layout.  Their clients are often highly stressed.  The website had to be easily navigated.  The second goal of the law firm was a successful SEO program.  search engine optimization helped Goldberg and Jones to a Top #5 ranking in all major search categories.  Rick Jones, Managing Partner, was surprised when the direct response website exceeded expectations.  He estimates that the website paid for itself in four months through calls from the website.  
Ever seen an airplane evacuated on the news, where the passengers slide down the ramps?  Chances are, the inflatable ramps were made by D&R Sales.  They are the industry leader in airline safety equipment.  Their website was designed as an online brochure, to support their salespeople with a web presence that was both attractive and informative.  Because their customers knew who they were, only basic search engine work was needed.  The goal of D&R Sales was simply to have an attractive online presence that met the expectations of their customer base.  
Grazie is one of the best known, and best loved Italian Restaurants in the greater Seattle area.  Like the food they serve, owner Kevin Downey wanted a website that was both rich and relaxed.   (Try the best spinach salad in the Western World if you ever go there.)  To better serve the high-tech needs of their upscale clientele, the Grazie website features a simple reservation system much like the online reservation system for a resort hotel, plus menus, history, philosophy and more.  The only thing the website lacks is the special Grazie service and the aroma of roasting coffee beans.  
Seattle Mortgage Loan Brokers was a form driven loan generator.  Through high search engine ranking, there were many visitors to the website.  There was a lot of loan information on the website, plus a signup form.  A small percentage of the many visitors became customers through the form.  The form was connected to a Contact Management System.  Anyone signing up through the website automatically began receiving informational emails about loan rates, new programs and financing trends.  While other loan officers were spending several thousand dollars a month in advertising to generate business, Seattle Mortgage Loan Brokers only spent a couple hundred dollars a month promoting and expanding their website.    
Denny Conner wanted a unique website that seemed both unusual and familiar, clean and complex.  Conner Design Build is a company that redesigns and remodels existing houses.  They The vertical navigation bars were not hard to make, but add tremendous visual impact.  The photograph shown rotates with several others.  Each photo is from a completed project, showing the remodelors capabilities.  As a former President of the Master Builder's Association of King and Snohomish County, Denny wanted a website that reflects his passion for the Northwest Lifestyle.  
The Ocean Crest Resort is a luxury hideaway in Moclips, Washington, a half hour north of the better known Ocean Shores.  Nestled on a steep cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Resort is especially known for it's 12 table 5 Star Restaurant.  The website is an extremely simple design that lets the photographs do the talking.  The navigation combines basic text rollovers with cascading dropdown menus.  The website features a database connected reservation system that allows visitors to book their rooms online.  The shopping cart also offers gift certificate purchases.  
Gordy Gregg, the owner of City Builders, has numerous awards as a remodeling contractor.  The website serves as his resume, and is logically laid out as a sales presentation for potential customers.  The navigation down the left leads the visitor to the pages that explain things in words.  The drop down navigation on the top leads a potential customer to the many jobs he has done, from complete remodels and custom homes to kitchen and bathroom remodels.  As a promoter of the Green Build concept, which combines energy efficiency with the use of recycled building materials, of course the main colors are three shades of Green!
More doctors should have an online presence.  Dr. Ed Owens is a young chiropractor in Bellevue, Washington who had two purposes for his website design.  The first was (of course) to promote his business.  The second was to promote better understanding of chiropractic in general.  To do this, Dr. Owens chose to make videos and embed them into his website.  Visitors to his website can take a video tour of his office, or see a video demonstration of a typical chiropractic visit.  The colors he has chosen are both clean and calming.  These choices were made to help potential patients feel comfortable coming to the young doctor's office.  
Tin Horse Interiors imports primarily natural stone mantels from China for sale in the United States, Mexico and around the world.  The color red indicates prosperity for the Chinese, so the website was designed with three different shades of red.  If you visit the website at  http://www.marblemantels.com you can see the fire we designed as a Flash animation.  The main page offers for views of their most popular models, the curves of the web design softening the hard angles of the mantels.  Many of the interior pages show photos of Tin Horse Interiors' inventory items.  They chose not to go with a shopping cart because almost every order is customized.    
Gary Potter knows the remodeling business.  His website provides three things within its simple, easy-to-navigate design.  
  1. Pictures, pictures, pictures.  Gary knows all the information in the world can't substitute for a job well done. (And well photographed.)
  2. Basic information about the remodeling and design/build process.
  3. Lots of opportunities to get more information.

Gary has links to dozens of articles, and also offers free subscriptions to his newsletter.  

Web Designs of Mexico did not design this website.  We were hired by the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties for search engine optimization.  The MBA is the largest organization of it's kind in the U.S.  Because the original designer did not understand search engines, most of the 100,000 plus affiliate members could not find the website....even when they searched for it by name.  It was like a beautiful billboard in the wilderness.  No one saw it.  Our SEO specialist did not alter the design, just the code behind the pages.  The result was a website that now ranks in the top 3 for almost every relevant category.   
Dave Brown started as a working plumber.  Through shrewd marketing, he built his business into one of the largest plumbing businesses in the United States.  One of the concepts Dave understands well is branding.  His little fox logo has been on the side of his trucks for almost 50 years.  He had us create a Flash animation to have the little fox go through the plumbing pipes, but would not consider changing the fox itself.  Even his web pages look the Yellow Page ads that made him a fortune.  Dave makes certain his web design works with all his other advertising.  


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