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Search Engine Optimization Clients



Goldberg and Jones is one of the top law firms in Washington State.  Goldberg and Jones only represents men in divorce proceedings and child custody cases.  They had two goals for their website. The first was a dignified website with soothing colors and comfortable layout.  Their clients are often highly stressed.  The website had to be easily navigated.  The second goal of the law firm was a successful SEO program.  search engine optimization helped Goldberg and Jones to a Top #5 ranking in all major search categories.  Rick Jones, Managing Partner, was surprised when the direct response website exceeded expectations.  He estimates that the website paid for itself in four months through calls from the website.  
Seattle Team Real Estate was the website for married real estate partners.  Their goals were ambitious; to have one of the top ranked website in the Greater Seattle Area.  They succeeded.  The couple were ranked on the first page of Google for all the major real estate search terms.  The website featured several hundred pages of content, drop down navigation and database connectivity to every property listed with the Multiple Listing Service.  When clients found a property they were interested in, they contacted the agents through a form.   The website generated over $100,000,000 in gross sales and $2,650,000 in commissions over a four year period.    
The Quinault Beach Resort and Casino was frustrated.  They had paid over $100,000 USD to have a beautiful website designed, but no one could find it.  Even if you typed in "Quinault Beach Resort" onto the search line, they would not show up.  They hired the SEO specialist now with Web Designs of Mexico to improve their ranking on the search engines for a period of one year.  They ranked #1 for casinos in Washington State.  In a cost cutting move, they chose not to renew their Search Engine Optimization contract.  With 46 Indian Casinos in the state, it's estimated that each lower position on the search engines costs $450,000 in lost revenue.  Quinault fell from #1 to #14.  
Web Designs of Mexico did not design this website.  We were hired by the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties for search engine optimization.  The MBA is the largest organization of it's kind in the U.S.  Because the original designer did not understand search engines, most of the 100,000 plus affiliate members could not find the website....even when they searched for it by name.  It was like a beautiful billboard in the wilderness.  No one saw it.  Our SEO specialist did not alter the design, just the code behind the pages.  The result was a website that now ranks in the top 3 for almost every relevant category.   
Seattle Mortgage Loan Brokers was a form driven loan generator.  Through high search engine ranking, there were many visitors to the website.  There was a lot of loan information on the website, plus a signup form.  A small percentage of the many visitors became customers through the form.  The form was connected to a Contact Management System.  Anyone signing up through the website automatically began receiving informational emails about loan rates, new programs and financing trends.  While other loan officers were spending several thousand dollars a month in advertising to generate business, Seattle Mortgage Loan Brokers only spent a couple hundred dollars a month promoting and expanding their website.    


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