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Animation helps people understand your website content.  Animation makes your web pages more interesting.   When you spend money to create your website and present it to the world, you want each visitor to stay as long as possible.  Animation can help make that happen.  There are two basic kinds of animation; GIF and Flash.  Animation effects can take an hour or a week.  Prices are by quotation, using our low hourly rates.   

GIF animation is simple, but can be effective.  A GIF is a file format, like a jpeg, only much smaller.   An animated GIF is like a slide show.  The artist simply puts together images and they play over and over.  Below is are three samples.    

This banner is animated GIF image


Flash animation is much more than a slide show, but works on similar principles.  As a website owner, all you need to know is what it can do.  Many websites have their Home Page built with a Flash movie.  They have navigation built with Flash.  It's smooth, it can have sound and compresses to a fast loading file.  Complex animated GIFs take a long time to load on a page.  Even the most complex Flash animations load quickly.  


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